Development economics, finance and management

  • Microfinance, microinsurance
  • Fair Trade and development
  • Aid effectiveness
  • Debt and risk management
  • Role of financial institutions in development, FDIs
  • Alternative financing options (including aspects dealing with the reforming of financial systems and sustainable financing practices, inclusive finance, green finance, women finance, housing finance)
  • Infrastructure development (Social and Physical)
  • Future studies
  • Circular economy and economics of waste
  • Township economy, LED, cooperatives and entrepreneurship
  • Development institutions (Bi- and Multi-lateral institutions; NGOs and grassroots organisations in development
  • Leadership, governance and development


Ocean sciences and coastal research

  • Sustainable coastal communities (livelihoods, food security, aquaculture, LED, environmental justice, sustainable tourism, social justice)


  • Integrated/dynamic ocean policy, governance and management

Environmental stewardship and sustainable livelihoods


  • Agriculture, food sovereignty and food security
  • Land and rural livelihoods
  • Climate change and sustainable development
  • Political economy of resource use, policy and development conflict
  • Urban sustainable and participatory design, human settlements and alternative/appropriate technology
  • Community development and local economic development
  • Social movements, social change and service delivery
  • Labour, skills and capabilities
  • Innovation and ICT in development